Sculpture Repair

There are many types of materials used to create sculptures and statues. Each material has its own benefits and disadvantages regarding its lasting quality and susceptibility to deterioration and damage. A few types of sculptures and statues that require the services of a seasoned fine art restoration professional are listed below.

Sculpture Repair

Ceramic Statue Repair

Ceramic sculptures and statues can be easily damaged due to mishandling or unintentional impact. When ceramic sculptures and other types of pieces are damaged, they often break sharply at locations where there are protruding elements, such as at the arms or head of a statue. The special skills of a professional statue and sculpture repair specialist, including filling, molding and painting can bring your ceramic statue pieces back to its original whole condition, leaving no signs of the original breaks.

Marble Statue Repair

Marble and stone repair of statues and sculptures can be a challenging task for the amateur. Usually, only an experienced professional can obtain the type of results that virtually eliminate any traces of the former damage. In order to restore your broken marble statue and have it be appreciated for its inherent artistic beauty, a fine art restoration professional with marble sculpture repair experience needs to apply patiently learned skills.

Porcelain Sculpture Repair

Porcelain tends to be a fragile material for sculpture and statue construction. However, because of its beauty, it has been used widely to produce stunning statues of all types. Breaks in porcelain sculptures often happen and the expert services of a porcelain sculpture repair specialists can eliminate all signs of previous damage.

Sculpture Restoration

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