Antique Doll Restoration

This piece of Meissen ceramic was brought to us in very bad shape. It had been restored more than 20 years ago by the owner�s grand father. He used some kind of epoxy glue that penetrated the porous ceramic and turned dark brown over time. The first task was to remove all traces of the old glue and prepare it for bonding. A clear water thin bonding ...

Fine Art Restoration

The philosophy of Fine Art Restoration is that there is no such thing as a "small job". We repair art whether it is highly valuable or simply has sentimental importance, whether it's large or small, unique or common. Owner, Henri Laborde, believes in restoring your treasures with experienced and fine care for your ultimate satisfaction.

Mr. Laborde is an expert in ceramic repair, porcelain restoration Read More About Fine Art Restorationand glass restoration. He has trained alongside French master

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A Clear Reflection in the Mirror
Confucius said, “The mirror reflects all objects without being sullied.” In a mirror, we see what the world sees of our outer appearance. It is a clear and honest reflection...

Grandma’s Vintage Porcelain Figurine
Family heirlooms often get passed down with cracks and dings that make the beloved pieces look worn and damaged. That vintage porcelain figurine that your grandmother had in her...

Porcelain Restoration & Ceramic Repair Specialists

Fine Art Restoration is an expert ceramic repair, porcelain repair and glass restoration studio that provides valuable restoration services to many types of clients, including antique dealers, auction houses, art collectors, art museums and insurance companies. Under the direction of Owner Henri Laborde, our studio delivers the highest level of restoration services found in the industry. We repair each treasured piece with a high level of skill and care, giving each customer total satisfaction with their finished product.

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