Lladro Repair

Lladro pieces and figurines are highly sought after items that have their manufacturing headquarters in the country of Spain, specifically in the town of Almacera. The entire Lladro business was started in the early 1950's by three brothers. In the succeeding years the business continued to expand until today where there are several thousand people now employed in making Lladro porcelain pieces which are sold throughout the world. LLadro figurines are created and sculpted by skilled professionals and provide a beautiful and appealing appearance that many people love to showcase within their homes.

Llladro Repair

LLadro pieces display considerable details and beautiful features. When damage occurs to a Lladro porcelain piece, including broken off pieces or cracks, it may be worth having a Lladro repair job done. If your LLadro piece had been damaged in any way, allowing our shop to take a look at the damage can help determine if repairs are feasible. Fine Art Restoration studio has extensive experience evaluating Lladro porcelain figurines and applying special repair techniques to help restore the original beauty and value of these items.

Regardless of the condition of your Lladro piece, including missing parts and features or specific damage, we can help. Fine Art Restoration studio we can apply experienced Lladro repair techniques that bring you the results you want.

Lladro Porcelain Figurines

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