Ceramic Repair

Many beautiful, valuable and function pieces have been constructed of ceramic material. When damage occurs to a ceramic piece you own, you have the option of either performing the necessary repairs yourself, or leaving your ceramic item in the hands of an experienced ceramic restoration expert who can provide flawless repair work and help retain the value and beauty of your piece.

Ceramic Repair

There are many aspects to performing quality antique art restoration. Different antique art pieces require the right techniques to restore the pieces to their original condition while disguising as much as possible that repair work has been done.

First, make sure you assemble all of the ceramic pieces in one location together, including broken pieces, so the ceramic repair shop can work efficiently with what you have provided to either conduct necessary repairs or produce an entirely new ceramic piece if necessary.

A truly professional ceramic repair technician can help you evaluate whether or not repairs are possible for your item. If the damage is severe enough and the piece is broken or shattered into many small pieces then repairs may not be feasible. However, if the breaks are minimal, then expert repair procedures may help you to restore a great portion of the item's original value. The professional expertise of the Fine Art Restoration shop can help you determine the worthwhileness of attempting a repair on your ceramic piece.

Porcelain Repair

When you deliver your broken ceramic items to our shop, take great care in how they are transported. Consultation with our office can help you know if special precautions should be taken with packing and transport to ensure the safety of your items.

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