Antique Crystal Repair

The philosophy of Fine Art Restoration is that there is no such thing as a "small job". We repair art whether it is highly valuable or simply has sentimental importance, whether it's large or small, unique or common. Owner, Henri Laborde, believes in restoring your treasures with experienced and fine care for your ultimate satisfaction.

Mr. Laborde is an expert in ceramic repair, porcelain restoration and glass restoration. He has trained alongside French master, Mr. Denis D., bringing 25 years of porcelain restoration and Ceramic repair knowledge to the studio. Since 1999 Mr. Labordehas also developed excellentskills in ivory restoration, plaster restoration, brass, bronze restoration and antique mirror restoration. He also specializes in resin and fiberglass restoration, mold making, casting and fine reproductions.

As our companyprovides such valuable restoration services to auction houses, antique dealers, insurance companies, art collectors and museums, our clients' confidences continue to grow as well as their respect for our quality work. Our national clients, from maid services, fire and water damage companies, moving and freight companies and claim services, trust us for their sculpture restoration, ceramic repair and porcelain restoration needs and return for continued service.

We provide free verbal estimates from client provided pictures or from art brought to our studio in-person. You may Email pictures and measurements of your damaged piecesand we would be happy to try and evaluate the cost of restoration unofficially. However, formal quotes are only based on physical in-person review of each piece.Fine Art Restoration Studio Here at our Studio, restoration will be carefully estimated and reviewed with you at your convenience. You can rely on us. As an option, we will not always recommend full restorationfor your art and often times advise minimal restoration in order to maintainitsauthenticity. Restoration can be as minimal as a sharpbonding of the broken pieces (terra cotta restoration).

We do not provide appraisal services, however, we do have several referrals on both coasts that you can trust.

Feel free to contact us for all your restoration needs:
Tel: 310 266 1078