Antique Art Restoration : Regardless of the type of antique porcelain or ceramic repair required, or the size of the job at hand, Fine Art Restoration is fully equipped with the knowledge, experience . . .

Antique Porcelain Restoration : Antique art restoration, whether it involves particular solid pieces of art or antique paintings, can involve various levels of work depending on the nature of the damage or deterioration.

Antique Glass Repairs : If you happen to own treasured antique glass items such as stemware, bowls or sculptures that have been damaged in some way, they often can be repaired to look brand new.

Antique Mirror Repair : Antique mirrors that have been damaged either need to be replaced or repaired if possible. The decision of whether or not a repair job is feasible can be determined by an antique mirror specialist with years of experience in knowing what it takes to properly repair damaged mirrors of this nature.

Antique Pottery Repair : The making of antique pottery goes back for hundreds of years. Many people today enjoy the feel and decorative character of these types of pottery pieces. Techniques for making pottery in modern times have changed and the ability to create new and innovative pottery styles has enhanced the number of pottery pieces used throughout homes all over the world.

Bronze Sculpture Repair : Bronze sculptures are inherently very strong due to the unique characteristics of this metal. Because of its strength, bronze is often used to cast striking poses of figures in action with arms, legs or other attributes extended far from the body of sculpture or statue.

Ceramic Repair : Many beautiful, valuable and function pieces have been constructed of ceramic material. When damage occurs to a ceramic piece you own, you have the option of either performing the necessary repairs yourself, . . .

Ivory Repair : Although Ivory is less used today than in the past, it is still a valuable material utilized for art and manufacturing purposes. Quality ivory repair work must be accomplished with skill based on experience and proven methods.

Lladro Repair : Lladro pieces and figurines are highly sought after items that have their manufacturing headquarters in the country of Spain, specifically in the town of Almacera.

Porcelain Repair : Family possessions that pass down to many generations consisting of porcelain need to be properly taken care of in order to maintain their condition.

Sculpture Repair : There are many types of materials used to create sculptures and statues. Each material has its own benefits and disadvantages regarding its lasting quality and susceptibility to deterioration and damage.

Terra Cotta Repair : Terra Cotta is quite delicate and requires great care when utilized for any type of construction or artwork. When repairs to terra cotta artwork are required, special techniques and materials are necessary to help . . .