Terra Cotta Repair

Terra Cotta is quite delicate and requires great care when utilized for any type of construction or artwork. When repairs to terra cotta artwork are required, special techniques and materials are necessary to help restore the original appearance of the piece. Plaster based fillers are often combined with terra cotta powders to help refashion the artwork to reflect an undamaged and new condition.

Terra Cotta Repair

Terra cotta is not often used anymore as a material for construction. Many old terra cotta structural elements have long since deteriorated. Today other materials are used that simulate pure terra cotta. Terra cotta repair projects can utilize these heterogeneous materials to help recover the original look of terra cotta artistic construction.

The final result of a finished terra cotta repair should not reveal indications that other materials have been used. It is important for a terra cotta restoration specialist to have knowledge and experience in the art of terra cotta repair and restoration. The color and texture of the original piece must be replicated as closely as possible for the repair to be considered worthwhile.

Having a professional handle your terra cotta repair or replacement is crucial to get the results you want. Terra cotta repair must be done correctly the first time, or else further repair will be needed. The weak nature of the material requires an experienced fine art restoration specialist to utilize the proper tools and materials to produce an accurate and clean restoration of your terra cotta piece.

Terra Cotta Restoration

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