Glass Repair

Glass repair

The restoration of glass requires a bonding solution that cures under UV light. itís the only way to get a bonding that will last for years to come without getting yellow. Glass repair is not 100% perfect. However the results are quite stunning depending on the type of glass and how the glass broke. We, At Fine Art restoration, use crystal clear resins that look like glass and can be tinted to recreate any missing glass part.

Porcelain Repair

Porcelain repair

Restoring porcelain requires a lot of skills. The fine details can be reproduced to perfection and even missing parts can be either duplicated or carved from scratch. The process of repairing porcelain involves many steps that will require at least 3 weeks. Most pieces can be restored to perfection, meaning to a condition that is just like before it was damaged.

Ceramic Repair

Ceramic repair

Ceramic is a more porous medium that will react differently than Porcelain when exposed to the same bonding agent. Some will darken a bit along the break line, some will not line up quite properly due to tension built during the firing process. When a spotless restoration is not an option we offer what we call a ďtouch up repairĒ which makes the piece look very displayable but not necessarily perfect to a close look.

Wood Sculpture Repair

Wood sculpture repair

Although we do not restore antique wooden furniture, we handle wooden art pieces. most of the time it is a better idea to have an art restorer, like Fine Art Restoration, take care of those pieces than a furniture repair person.

Resin Repair - Casting

Resin repair - Casting

There are many types of resin: polyester, polyurethane, polycarbonate... They are all repairable, although the technique is different. Whether itís clear or opaque we will fix them for you.

Antique Mirror Repair

Antique Mirror Repair

We restore mirrors of all nature. We can recreate ornaments on venetian mirrors, etching, carving, beveling and get the newly made piece of mirror look like it was made decades ago with all kinds of antiquing options. We bend glass for mirror part on furniture.

Terra Cotta Repair

Terra cotta repair

Itís the most fragile and delicate medium to work with. It is very porous and must be dealt with with extreme care. Often we recommend a simple bonding of the parts. When a client wants the damages to disappear we have the ability to make it all go away. Terra cotta powders are mixed with plaster based fillers to recreated the exact feel of that ancient medium. Most of those pieces were excavated and have heavy traces of their stay in the ground. We can recreate all that.

Bronze Repair - Silver Repair

Bronze repair - Silver repair

We can restore pretty much any type of metal pieces. We are very skilled in getting any type of patina. The beauty of metal is that it can be fixed no matter how badly it broke. You can feel confident about giving us your valuable metal items for complete repair.

Ivory Repair

Ivory repair

Over the years we have developed a very fine technique to repair ivory to perfection. Any type of ivory, no matter how old it is can be fixed by the studio.

Stone Repair

Stone repair

We regularly work on Alabaster, jade, Marble, lime stone... It is not always possible to get a perfect repair but we always get incredible results. You will be able to enjoy your pieces for decades to come.