Ivory Repair

Although Ivory is less used today than in the past, it is still a valuable material utilized for art and manufacturing purposes. Quality ivory repair work must be accomplished with skill based on experience and proven methods.

Ivory Repair

Uses of Ivory

Ivory has been utilized for a variety of practical and aesthetic purposes over the years. At one time it was used exclusively for items such as piano keys, buttons of various types, billiard balls and other decorative pieces. More recently the use of ivory has been replaced by synthetic materials such as various plastics in order to simulate the look and feel of ivory as close as possible.

Ivory Repair

Saving Genuine Ivory

Repair work on genuine ivory pieces is best performed by an accomplished and experienced professional. The cost of replacing ivory instead of performing ivory repair work may motivate the owner of an ivory piece to have it repaired. Ivory prices are generally high, so repair of split ivory pieces can be an affordable solution to the owner. Fine Art Restoration studio possesses the experience and effective techniques to properly repair ivory and restore it to its former undamaged condition.

Ivory Restoration

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Regardless of the age of your ivory or the type of damage it has incurred, our studio is equipped with the knowledge and expert skill to bring your ivory back to perfection once again. Allow us to take a look at your ivory piece and we will give you an honest assessment of its condition and the prospects for successful ivory repair. Call us today at 310.266.1078 to discuss your ivory piece today.