Antique Pottery Repair

The making of antique pottery goes back for hundreds of years. Many people today enjoy the feel and decorative character of these types of pottery pieces. Techniques for making pottery in modern times have changed and the ability to create new and innovative pottery styles has enhanced the number of pottery pieces used throughout homes all over the world. Antique pottery repair is often best left in the hands of experienced antique pottery restoration experts.

Antique Pottery Repair

Current Pottery Types

There are several types of pottery you can find today, including stoneware, earthenware and porcelain. Many antique pottery pieces are made of porcelain which is a very delicate material, yet highly sought after for its beauty. Porcelain pottery is made from a combination of feldspar, lint and kaolin. This pottery is glazed as a final step to make it impenetrable to water or any type of liquid. Repairing this type of pottery so that no evidence of prior damage remains visible requires the type of service and expertise provided by the Fine Art Restoration studio.

Antique Pottery Repair Services

The repair of antique pottery requires the special use of adhesives to mend pieces together. The entire process requires many important steps, including surface preparation and cleaning. An expert antique pottery repair specialist knows what products and techniques to use in order to fully restore a piece of damaged pottery to its former condition.

Stoneware Repair

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