Antique Porcelain Restoration

Antique art restoration, whether it involves particular solid pieces of art or antique paintings, can involve various levels of work depending on the nature of the damage or deterioration. In some cases, a nice coat of paint or varnish can do the job well. Sometimes however, with more extensive damage, additional measures need to be taken, preferably by an experienced professional in order to achieve the best restoration results possible.

Antique Art Restoration

There are many aspects to performing quality antique art restoration. Different antique art pieces require the right techniques to restore the pieces to their original condition while disguising as much as possible that repair work has been done.

Over the years layers of residue and dirt can accumulate on antique art pieces. Prior to the process of repair and restoration it is important that these layers be removed through cleaning and re-varnishing so that the proper actions can be taken to repair these antique items.

If the antique art piece consists of a painting, sometime wrinkling can occur over time due to humidity in the air which causes shrinkage of the canvas material. A simple process of re-stretching the canvas can take care of this problem well.

Fine Art Restoration can completely restore a deteriorated paint job, regardless of whether your antique artwork consists of a painting, sculpture or other kind of valuable family heirloom. You can count on our professional expertise in all forms of antique art restoration to bring your treasured items back to life again. Whether your antique art has suffered punctures, tears, scratches or missing and broken pieces, we know the techniques to restore your antique art to its former untarnished condition.

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