Antique Mirror Repair

Antique mirrors that have been damaged either need to be replaced or repaired if possible. The decision of whether or not a repair job is feasible can be determined by an antique mirror specialist with years of experience in knowing what it takes to properly repair damaged mirrors of this nature. At Fine Art Restoration, we can handle any request you have for the restoration of your antique mirror pieces. We give you the assessment you need to make the right decision about antique mirror repair or replacement options.

Assessing the damage of your mirror is an important step in the process of an antique mirror restoration. Sometimes the damage can be a result of overuse, scratching, or environmental factors that have damaged the glass and devalued the mirror. Our professional antique mirror service can help determine the best plan of action to achieve the antique mirror restoration you desire.

When conducting an antique mirror repair project, the glass must be carefully removed from the frame to ensure that no further damage is done to the mirror itself. Allowing a professional to handle this task is advisable, since sometimes the process of removing the mirror from its frame can be difficult.

The silvering of your mirror needs to be checked. The reflective surface of the mirror may require additional silver tiles to restore the mirror's intended reflectivity. If the surface is severely scratched, then the entire piece of glass may need to be replaced.

The Fine Art Restoration studio can also provide repairs for the frame surrounding the mirror and help restore any lost value the piece has experienced due to damage or deterioration.

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