Antique Glass Repairs

If you happen to own treasured antique glass items such as stemware, bowls or sculptures that have been damaged in some way, they often can be repaired to look brand new. In fact, costs to replace a damage antique glass item can sometime be more than the cost of simply hiring a professional antique crystal repair or antique glass repair service to do the necessary work.

Antique Glass Repair

A qualified, skilled and experienced antique glass repair shop such as Fine Art Restoration can help restore your damaged antique glass piece to its original beautiful condition, leaving no signs of the damage left behind. Certain antique glass pieces hold special meaning, having been passed down as heirlooms in the family or provided as a special gift from a loved one. In such cases, it is good to know that you have the option for expert antique crystal repair or antique glass repairs of your treasured pieces.

Even if your glassware is somewhat discolored and not cracked or broken, we can help clear up the imperfections and restore your antique glassware to its original pristine and beautiful condition.

There are many types of antique glass pieces that are suitable candidates for our repair services including chandeliers, stemware, sculptures, bowls, vases, dishes, trophies, figurines and much more!

In order to successfully repair all kinds of antique glass damage, including cloudiness that develops over time, a restoration shop must have the experience, skill and specialized equipment to get the job done right. At Fine Art Restoration we take your antique glass repairs seriously and provide you with restoration services that leave you no less than fully satisfied with the results.

Antique Crystal Repair

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You can rely on us to give you our honest opinion on your antique glass piece and provide you with our recommendation for the level of restoration required to produce the desired results. Feel free to contact us today at 310.266.1078 for all of your antique glass and antique crystal repair needs.